Hello World

I must not be so scared of making a mistake that it keeps me from pursuing my goals.

The thought that struck me just after midnight on a February morning. It just wouldn’t stop ringing in my ears, like some sort of existential earworm. The sentiment is far from original. I’m sure a quick google search would show that some prominent historical figure said something along those lines with more brevity and wit than I can muster at the moment… Ah, here we are:

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game

-Babe Ruth*

*According to a couple of those dubiously-sourced quotation websites

In any case, I’ve decided to take this platitudinous notion to heart, for better or worse. To that end and without further ado, I present to you my passion: cooking and baking. Is this unique to me? No, if course not. These are activities that most humans on the planet have taken part in, and I assume billions actually enjoy. So – why am I doing this? Well, partially to join the party. Those billions of people who share my hobby are having fun collaborating, bouncing ideas off each other, comparing notes and sharing their techniques and discoveries. All of that sounds like a total blast.

Then there are the others.

You know who you are – the Order-Inners and Microwavers. The Grubhub-ified and DoorDashians. The Jar-Saucers. I was once one of your number. There is no shame in not wanting/ being able/ knowing how to cook. The list of reasons to avoid the activity altogether is long and compelling. I’m sure that list will become it’s own blog post one day (or perhaps a series of them). You are a big reason why I’m embarking on this journey. A few simple kitchen skills, and perhaps some tricks to make the whole thing less painful, can enrich one’s culinary life in a profound way. If I can just reach a few folks and get them to jazz up some instant ramen… Well, I’m not saying that would be all I ever wanted, because it’s not. But it would be a good start.

So, today. Today is when I borrow my brother’s life motto: “face first.” Hold on… let me make that more official:

Face first.

-My brother

With reckless abandon, I’m going to jump face first into this project. There’s so much good food out there, familiar and foreign, and with that food will come new people, experiences and opportunity. So, excuse me while I set my insecurity and fear aside, pull up a chair, stuff a napkin down my collar, and tuck in. I hope you join me.

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  1. Congratulations Micah! Looking forward to following and learning a thing or two. You already know I could use the help!

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