What is this?


My name is Micah Battino. In my past lives, I’ve been a janitor, fast food worker, retail employee, software salesman, and construction worker. All of these had two things in common: they paid the bills and crushed my soul.

Cooking and baking became outlets for me. Something about a sizzling pan helped to clear my head and get me to my happy place. After my kitchen meditations, I was left with delicious, home cooked food. So, when the opportunity for a career change presented itself, I created Tuck In, a place that celebrates good food and encourages people to get in the kitchen and have some fun!

Please consider this your personal invitation to look around, make yourself at home, and if you’re so inclined, pull up a seat at the table. There’s more than enough to go around! Feel free to shoot me a message at any of the social media below, or send me an email from my contact page.